Survivor Ghost Island Betting Odds

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By Lisa Iannucci

CBS’ Survivor has returned for Season 36 with a two-hour premiere. Survivor: Ghost Island is already filled with many twists, turns and, of course, annoying contestants. Twenty competitors have been left on the island of Fiji to compete for the one-million-dollar prize and we have the Survivor Ghost Island Betting Odds here for wagering.

Host Jeff Probst finally explains what Ghost Island is to the contestants. Ghost Island brings back the idols and advantages that were misplayed in previous seasons. The losing team in the immunity challenge will pick one player to go to Ghost Island. That player is safe and will return the next day after tribal council. We find out later that it’s a little more than that.

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Survivor Survivor: Ghost Island Opening Betting Odds

Brendan Shapiro (41, PE Teacher) +350
Laurel Johnson (29, Financial Consultant) +600
Domenick Abbate (38, Construction Supervisor) +750
Sebastian Noel (22, Fishing Guide) +765
Stephanie Johnson (34, Yoga Instructor) +825
Michael Yerger (18, Real Estate Agent) +900
Libby Vincek (24, Social Media Strategist) +1000
Jenna Bowman (23, Advertising Account Executive) +1350
Bradley Kleihege (26, Law Student) +1900
Chris Noble (27, Male Model) +2250
Desiree Afuye (21, Student) +2750
Kellyn Bechtold (31, Career Counselor) +3000
Morgan Ricke (29, Marine Animal Trainer) +3500
Wendell Holland (33, Furniture Company Owner) +4000
Donathan Hurley (26, Caretaker) +4500
Chelsea Townsend (24, EMT/Pro Cheerleader) +5700
Angela Perkins (42, Army Veteran) +7000
James Lim (24, Business Analyst) +7000


Right away, Jeff makes each tribe – Malolo and Naviti – choose leaders of their team for a competition. Malolo chooses Brendan Shapiro, a 41-year-old Physical Education Teacher while Naviti chooses the 27-year-old model Chris Noble for their team. Brendan and Chris are forced to choose competitors for a challenge. Brendan chooses 18-year-old Michael Yerger for the physical challenge and 29-year-old Laurel Johnson for the puzzle.

Chris chooses 22-year-old fishing guide Sebastian Noel for the physical challenge and 21-year-old Desiree Afuye for the puzzle. Jeff explains that the first team to finish wins a machete, pot, rice, a fishing kit, eggs and a shelter building kit. The losing tribe loses their fishing gear. Interestingly, Jeff explains that a team can forfeit if they think they are going to lose and they keep their fishing gear.

Both guys are pretty fast at the beginning of the challenge, but after a few rounds, the heat gets to them. When the women compete for the puzzle, Chris decides to forfeit for Naviti in order to save the fishing gear, giving Malolo a huge advantage with everything they need. When Jeff asks if anyone would have done anything differently, 38-year-old Domenick Abbate tells Jeff he would have. That sits wrong with the rest of the tribe.

Back at the Naviti camp, Michael lies about his age, telling the camera that it’s a downer immediately. Twenty-six-year-old Stephanie Gonzalez immediately starts talking how she’s not a girly girl – we’ll see how that plays into her game later. Donathan Hurley, 26, talks with Laurel ​and explains to the camera that he hasn’t met many African Americans and enjoys the conversation.

At the Malolo Tribe, Domenick talks about being a construction supervisor and seeing if everyone can get along. He chats with Sebastian about his abs and tells Sebastion that he used to be 270 pounds.

Sebastian and Chris already talk about teaming up because of their common interests. They strategize about voting out Domenick already because of when he went against Chris’ puzzle decision.

Jacob Derwin, 22, talks about how the ‘pretty people’ will gang up on him. He immediately starts looking for an idol and the chatter back at camp about him doing so puts a target on his back. Still looking for a clue, he decides to empty the rice and see if there’s a clue in the bottle. There wasn’t.

Back at the Naviti camp, 33-year-old Wendell Holland is building a crab trap and talks to Sebastian about liking Domenick. Wendell finds out that Sebastian is thinking of voting Domenick out, so Wendell tells Domenick about the info.

Come on in guys! Are you like me and say it with Jeff? It’s time for the first immunity challenge. Naviti wins the first immunity and chooses Jacob to go to Ghost Island. Jacob was shooting off his mouth about “the greatest tribe,” and he said it was his ploy to get to Ghost Island.

Jacob, on Ghost Island, sees original Idol relics with all the snuffers. It’s quite cool. Jacob plays “Smash the Urn,” and wins the Legacy Advantage that he ultimately gives to Morgan on the Naviti camp.

At tribal council, Malolo talks about Jacob and how he’s making game mistakes already by searching for an idol and mouthing off during the challenge. Gonzalez gets up to talk to everyone about who they are voting for. Gonzalez gets blindsided.

In the second hour, Domenick searches for an idol during the night. Of course, if you want to learn what’s about to happen in Survivor, pay attention to the music. As it heightens you know something is about to happen. Domenick gets the one idol that Andrea was voted out with in the 26th season – she was the first female voted out with an idol in her pocket.

Morgan opens her backpack and finds the legacy advantage that Jacob had willed to her.

Back to Ghost Island where Jacob decides he’s not going to talk about the legacy advantage, but is going to lie and tell them that he got an idol. Unfortunately, when his tribemates ask to see the note, Jacob says that he left it at the island, which nobody believes a superfan would do. His teammates find him suspicious.

Domenick and Chris talk. Domenick wants to work with Chris, but Chris asks him if he has an idol and Domenick denies it. He then comes back and admits it, but Chris is suspicious. He has a right to be because Domenick showed him a fake idol.

During the immunity challenge, 24-year-old James Lim struggles to go under the water to pull the lever. Donathan is encouraged to go in, but he hesitates, and his teammates encourage him. He does it and Jeff calls him a hero.

Side note: Can someone please get these women some well-fitting bathing suit tops?

The Naviti tribe wins immunity again. They send Donathan to Ghost Island so he can’t be voted off. Jacob is once again the target. Thirty-four year old Stephanie Johnson is talking strategy with Jacob, but is faking him out because the goal is to have him voted off. Another mistake of Jacob’s is that he now trusts Stephanie and tells her that the idol isn’t real and that he gave the legacy advantage to Morgan. However, now Stephanie wants to work with him because of this revelation and trust.

Jacob is voted out.

It’s early in the competition so it’s hard to see everyone’s weakness and strengths and see whether they are developing alliances.

I’ve watched this show for many seasons and I can tell you that this social experiment makes it difficult to predict who will win. You can’t just look at someone’s size and think that they will overpower everyone else because the brain is just as important as the brawn.


Written by Adam Greene

Adam Greene is a writer and photographer based out of East Tennessee. His work has appeared on, in USA Today, the Associated Press, the Chicago Cubs Vineline Magazine, and many other publications.

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