MLB News: Brewers RHP Corbin Burnes Sets Record Without Precedent

MLB Brewers RHP Corbin Burnes

The Brewers have something special on their hands with Corbin Burnes. The right-handed pitcher has been very good for the franchise for years, but this year, Burnes is shattering MLB records to start the year.

Burnes continued to build on an incredible start to the season on Tuesday by striking out 10 more batters in six scoreless innings over the Padres. Those 10 punchouts got Burnes to 40 strikeouts on the year without issuing a single walk.

No starting pitcher in MLB history has ever gone through a stretch of success like this. Burnes has now set the record for strikeouts by a starter without a walk, even dating back to before the mound was moved back. Adam Wainwright was the previous best mark, striking out 35 batters in 2013 before issuing a walk.

Burnes is scheduled to pitch against the Marlins in Milwaukee next week.

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Written by Brook Smith


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