MLB News: The Certain Return of Baseball, Umpire Unrest, Yadier Wants to Play, and More!

The latest news from around the MLB this week!

Jun 21, 2019; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina hugs Los Angeles Angels batter Albert Pujols as Pujols comes up to bat in the first inning at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

While baseball is still quite a ways off, MLB is working tirelessly to come up with safe scenarios that work logistically to make that happen. While that has been going on, the league has also had to work with the player’s union as well as the umpire’s union to satisfy all of those involved. But first, some news from around the league!

Top News This Week

  • The past week started rather ominous, as Dodgers’ legendary broadcaster Vin Scully had to be hospitalized after a fall in his home. The 92-year-old Scully was fine after the fall and was eventually allowed to return home. Scully released an audio clip with the help of the Dodgers’ to let fans know that he was fine and resting comfortably.
  • The Cleveland Indians are paving a new path for MLB teams in how they pay out their employees. The Cleveland franchise announced that they will continue to pay a majority of the full-time employees their full salaries at least through June 30th. The hope is that baseball is able to get going by July, hence the set June date. They are the first team to confirm that employees will be paid in full for that long.
  • Yadier Molina discussed the possibility that he may not play with the Cardinals when his contract expires. The soon-to-be 38-year-old backstop will be a free agent after the 2020 season, and that has not stopped him from considering moving on to a new setting. If the Cardinals are unwilling to offer him a contract, Molina says he is open to playing for another team in the coming years.
  • The umpires association has come to an agreement on MLB for what their officials will be paid during the hiatus. The initial consensus was that the league expected umpires to take a twenty percent reduction in compensation for missed time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social News

In much sadder news, the Little League World Series was called off this year due to COVID-19 pandemic. League officials could not see a way that would allow players to qualify in time for the tournament, or even if the stay at home orders would be lifted by then.

If you’re one of those fans that wouldn’t mind tuning in and checking out eSports, then you’re not going to want to miss MLB’s online tournament. Players from around the league have been playing The Show on PlayStation, and the playoffs are this weekend!

And finally, on Friday MLB celebrated the man and the legend that is Rickey Henderson. It was on that day 29 years ago that Rickey Henderson cemented himself as the greatest base stealer in the history of baseball, and no one has come close since.

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