MLB News: Rob Manfred Sorry For Calling World Series Trophy ‘Piece of Metal’

The more MLB commissioner Rob Manfred talks, the worse things seem to get. Recently the commissioner referred to baseball’s World Series Trophy as ‘a piece of metal’.

On Tuesday, Manfred retracted the foolish statement in his daily press conference. Certainly, Manfred probably thought his February would be a little more stress free six months ago. Now it seems daily that he’s dodging a firestorm in a very poor manner.

According to multiple reports, here is what Manfred says.

“I referred to the World Series trophy in a disrespectful way, and I want to apologize for it. There’s no excuse for it. … It was a mistake to say what I said.”

Allegedly this statement further infuriated some players around the league. Obviously, this is for good reason. Some of these guys spend their entire career playing for a World Series trophy. For the commissioner to come out and trivialize it’s meaning in a statement seems to cheapen it even more then it already has been with false result.

Look, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed on all subjects. However it just feels like baseball may be well served to make a change at the top of their company here. It’s clear that Manfred has lost control of the operation, and the cons outweigh the pros if continuity is elected with his duties.

I said it days ago on social media, baseball has a commissioner problem. The comments about the World Series trophy further evidence that.

Written by Clint Evans

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