MLB News: Teams Commit to Paying Minor Leaguers While Others Get Cut and More!

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While MLB and the Player’s Union struggle to come up with a way to get games going, teams have started to commit to paying minor league players until things can get figured out. Unfortunately, other teams in the league have also started cutting minor league players loose rather than absorb the small salary commitments. All of that and more this week in the MLB.

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MLB released a series of historical matchups for Homerun Derbys…all of which were a little bit questionable. The Barry Bonds versus Cody Bellinger matchup in particular fell under heavy scrutiny, mostly for Bonds’ history with steroids. But there were also clear mismatches.

MLB also posted this highlight of Manny being Manny, starting in his days with the Indians. Take a look as the league celebrated his 48th birthday.

And finally, we have reached our peak of not having any sort of content, with the league wondering which version of Shohei Ohtani would win in a matchup.

All of that news and more, this week in MLB! Check back weekly with GMS Sports for the most up-to-date information on your favorite sports.

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