Sunday, July 15, 2018
The Voice

The Voice — Episode 25 Odds Recap

It’s getting close to next Monday’s finale and on The Voice this week the contestants will sing two times — a new song by themselves with messages and pairing up with each other for duets. Both performances will be eligible for votes and only four artists will move on to the finale. We’ll find out who they are tomorrow night.

Starting off The Voice competition is Team Kelly’s Brynn Cartelli singing “What the World Needs Now.”

I love the acapella beginning to the song. Kelly is right that it can’t be linear and I love the changes that Brynn did to the song. Blake: “For 15, you are a master at mastering the performance.” Kelly: It’s crazy how innate how everything is in with you already and how everything is so beautiful and tasteful.”

Next is Pryor (Team Blake) and Kaleb (Team Kelly) singing Hillbilly Bone together. I would see these two together in concert. They sound good together.

Team Alicia’s Jackie Foster is singing Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.” Alicia talks about how audiences love how a woman sings a song that is traditionally sung by a man. It definitely sounds different, but I like it and here comes rocker Jackie. Adam: “The more fun you have during the show is how you dictate your success and seeing you let loose and have fun is so important for you in your growth.”

The duet next is Kyla and Spensha, singing “Rise Up” and “What’s Going On.” I honestly think that Kyla is killing Kyla in this but if she wasn’t going against Kyla I would tell you that I like Spensha singing this song.

Rayshun LaMarr is next singing “Imagine.” He talks about loving the message. Who doesn’t? He just wants it to be him, the music and the message.

Kelly: “Rayshun, you make everyone escape and that’s what music should be.” Adam: “That was a truly inspiring performance.”

Spensha is up next and Blake talks about how he has all three teammates left. She’s singing “My Church,” and this seems to be a song she loves and is comfortable with. She looks like a superstar up there tonight. She’s a little lost on her lower register though. Blake: “It’s like everything she’s been holding back this season the dam just broke on the stage tonight.’

Singing next is Team Blake’s Kyla Jade and she’s taking on “Let It Be.”

Absolutely fantastic.

Alicia: “I’m feeling this magnificent and grandness about you and there’s a confidence rising in you.”

The next duet is Brynn Cartelli & Britton Buchanan – Four Five Seconds/You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Great combination of songs and although it’s not the best duet of the night, it’s good.

Team Kelly’s Kaleb Lee sings It is Well With My Soul and it’s okay. I feel like he’s missing a little emotion on this one.

Jackie Foster and Rayshun Lamarr duet with Believer/Radioactive, but it seems more like a screaming match. Who can outdo the other?

Who will go home?

For the last time tonight, we’re seeing Pryor Baird singing “Change the World” by Eric Clapton. I’m surprised that he can keep singing with such a roughness to his voice, but I like it.

Britton Buchanan gets permission to sing The Rising by Bruce Springsteen and I wasn’t a big fan of his before, but this song was probably his best of the competition. Great job.

Out of who is left, I think that Brynn, Kyra, Pryor and Britton should go to the finale. We’ll find out tomorrow.

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