Breaking down the Gronkowski brothers’ Super Bowl picks

The Gronkowski brothers, Chris and Glenn have recently shared the AFC and NFC picks with us at Get More Sports, but now its time to take a look at Glenn’s Super Bowl picks. Not only will I share and discuss the pick with you, but I am also going to break it down and decide whether or not I agree with his choice.

Gronk, on the AFC winner: “I have to go with the easy pick and take the Patriots.”

Yeah, that’s cool. The Patriots have had a few scares this decade, but they always end up in the AFC Championship and usually end up in the Super Bowl. If I’m picking a Super Bowl team in August, I’ll take one that’s not only nearly guaranteed to win their division, but nearly guaranteed to be an AFC Finalist.

The Steelers will also be a popular choice, but Ben Roethlisberger is already having injury issues and the Patriots typically have their number anyway. Who’s a better pick? Jacksonville? Their AFC Championship performance notwithstanding, they’re just as likely to take a step back. New England all the way.

You can listen to The Gronkcast Episode 2 here

Gronk, on the Super Bowl matchup: “I’m predicting a Super Bowl rematch.”

History isn’t on his side. The only time we’ve seen a Super Bowl rematch in back-to-back seasons was when Dallas and Buffalo faced off in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII.

He’s right about the Eagles being stacked, though. They won with their backup quarterback and added Michael Bennett and Haloti Ngata to the defensive line. Working against them is the fact that they play in a consistently strange division. The last three NFC East champions finished in last place the previous season.

I’m predicting a different Super Bowl rematch. That is, a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI when Tom Brady helped New England win their first title against the Rams.

This Rams team has a lot in common with the last two NFC teams to win the Super Bowl: last year’s Eagles and the 2013 Seahawks. They have a quarterback on a rookie contract that allows them to stack the roster in other areas — and they most certainly have a stacked roster.

Ndamukong Suh, Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters and Sam Shields all joined Wade Phillips’ defense. The loss of Sammy Watkins is offset by the addition of Brandin Cooks. This is a terrifying team on paper. Their only weakness is a reliance on several big personalities that could poison a locker room if things don’t go their way.

Gronk, on the Super Bowl winner: “As it appears that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are potentially nearing the end of their careers, they will be doing everything to get back to the current status of Super Bowl champions. Although the offense or defense isn’t the best it’s ever been, and they lost a key coach in Patricia, Belichick always finds a way to get the players he needs to get the job done.”

I have no problem at all with the notion of New England returning to the Super Bowl. Not only do they have the pedigree, but they don’t have many legitimate challengers in the AFC.

The NFC is another story. The Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Packers and Falcons could all be in the top two or three teams in the conference if they played in the AFC. There are old-guard teams like Seattle and Carolina who have franchise quarterbacks and a puncher’s chance. There are the upstart 49ers who Gronk himself chose to win the NFC West at +350. Even the Cowboys have a decent case.

In other words, the team that comes out of the NFC is going to be a battle-hardened wrecking machine. That won’t completely sink the Patriots since they’ll get to watch this unfold from afar and the greatest coach of all time will have an extra week to find the cracks in the NFC’s armor. But the NFC is too talented and the Rams are the best of the bunch.


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About Derek Norton

Derek Norton has been writing football articles since 2005. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Communication (Journalism) in 2011 and shifted his focus to the NFL. His work has also appeared on FantasyPros, LeagueSafe Post and Dober Games.

About Derek Norton

Derek Norton has been writing football articles since 2005. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Communication (Journalism) in 2011 and shifted his focus to the NFL. His work has also appeared on FantasyPros, LeagueSafe Post and Dober Games.

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