The Gronkcast – Episode 5

Chris and Glenn Gronkowski return for the first official regular season episode of The Gronkcast, exclusive to GetMoreSports. The games count from now on, so the pressure is hyped and real money is on the table as the Gronks help you set up your NFL Week 1 viewing and betting slate.


Once again Chris and Glenn give you a peak behind the curtain. This time it’s all about routine, specifically a player’s routine and schedule. It’s the work no one usually sees on a daily and weekly basis that can keep a guy a job in the NFL. They talk about everything from traveling with the team to pre- and post-game logistics.

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“Final cuts were just last week,” Chris said. “A lot of guys, for the first time ever, aren’t playing football anymore. Which is kind of crazy. A lot of guys have grown up their whole entire life thinking they’re going to make it to the next level. Now they’re going home and sitting on the couch, looking for what’s next.”

Glenn, who was just recently a member of the 2016-17 New England Patriots Super Bowl team, shares his thoughts as well.

“It is a grind,” Glenn said. “It’s going to be fun for the first couple of weeks, but it is a grind. It’s monotonous week in and week out unless you’ve got a Monday night game. It’s crazy. You jump in on Monday with the whole entire playbook in front of you and what’s going in that week.  These coaches have been scouting this team you’re playing. It’s the first week, so they’ve been scouting them all offseason. They’re ready to go. It’s plays you’ve never ran before sometimes. They tweak the plays you get, but most of the time it’s completely new plays.”

It’s good stuff and, once again, shows you a side of the NFL you don’t normally get outside of this podcast.

Chris shares an anecdote from his own career, delivering a Peyton Manning story from a 2012 victory with the Denver Broncos. That year Manning helped the Broncos finish with a 13-3 record and led the NFL with a 68.6 completion percentage. What wasn’t counted in his stats were his roasting abilities that Chris details here.

Glenn wastes no time getting into his Bulletproof Pick, selecting a winner in the Thursday Night contest between the Atlanta Falcons and Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are currently a -1 favorite.

“It’s hard to take teams early in Week 1,” Chris chimes in. “There’s a lot of hype. There’s a lot of teams that come out and play better than they’ll play the rest of the year.”

Chris skips the Thursday nighter for his Bulletproof Pick, making his selection from the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns game. Pittsburgh is favored by -3.5 over Cleveland with a 1 p.m. kickoff on Sunday. That line has dropped from -6.5.

Before the show ends, Chris and Glenn go into their Capper’s Cup picks from BetDSI where you can compete against the Gronks in the weekly competition.


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