The Gronkcast – Inside the NFL Episode 6

Once again it’s time for Chris and Glenn Gronkowski to slide you their Bulletproof picks in folded pieces of paper across the table and give you their one-of-a-kind insight on the NFL experience. It’s The Gronkcast and it’s only on

The Gronks open the show talking about the rough week the seven new NFL head coaches had when all lost their season (and, for a few, career) openers. Fresh coaching faces went 0-7 in Week 1.

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It was a rough weekend for the Glenn and Chris too, both guys dropped their first regular season Bulletproof locks. The Gronks started 0-2, but Chris saved the day for himself with a little teaser play. He goes into detail explaining what he did and what you can do to actually hedge some of your bets.

Chris wastes no time in delivering his pick this week and shakes it up with the teaser, giving you two picks for the price of one. Glenn selects an entirely different match-up for his pick.

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The Gronks roll into some real NFL talk, specifically concerning the abject disaster on display for the Buffalo Bills.

“I’m shocked,” Chris said. “What was the gameplan going into this year? How can you come off with a five-pick game with (Nathan) Peterman to end the season and then start him again? You watch him continually throw picks again. What was the gameplan for the Bills to start this season?”

Glenn then sells his perspective with some solid stat work on Peterman that should be all the information you need to make your picks against the Bills anytime the man’s name is mentioned. The fact that all of this seems lost on head coach Sean McDermott is a mystery.

“The NFL is a hard place to play,” Glenn said. “You go out there every single week, every person you’re playing against wants to make you look as bad as possible. It’s also a job where you’ve got to go out there and perform to keep your job. I usually talk highly about every single player. It’s a grind. You work so hard every single week and every single day. Sometimes you’ve got to make moves as a general managere and a head coach.”

Needless to say, they then roll into the Bills quarterback prop.

After talking about bad quarterback play, the Gronks slide into a discussion about a couple of the surprise quarterback performances in Week 1.

How much do the Steelers miss Le’Veon Bell? Chris and Glenn talk it over after James Conner’s performance in his first NFL start for Pittsburgh. They touch on Khalil Mack’s debut for the Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots wide receiver corps and plenty of other topics.

Before the show wraps up, the Gronks deliver their five Capper’s Cup picks. Chris opened 2-for-5 last week, so he has some ground to make up.

Lastly, Chris and Glenn answer the fan question of the week, delivering that peek behind the NFL curtain that’s become a staple of the Gronkcast since it made its debut back in the summer.


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