The Gronkcast – Inside the NFL Episode 8

It’s time once again for the Gronkcast, as Glenn and Chris Gronkowski chat up last week’s action, toss our bets and locks for Week 4 of the NFL season and give you their one-of-a-kind look at what life is really like in the NFL trenches. The Gronk brothers consistently give you access you get nowhere else, because they’ve seen the inner workings of the league from all sides; from the journeyman special teams player, to the practice squad to super stardom and Super Bowl Championships.

The show opens with Chris discussing the attention he received this week thanks to a little drama from a Tuesday morning interview on WEEI and the ensuing media frenzy afterward. It even filtered into a New England Patriots press conference where head coach Bill Belichick did his usual “we’re on to the Dolphins” shtick and refused to even talk about it.

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Needless to say, Glenn gives his brother a hard time.

“You were all over ESPN and Yahoo sports page,” Glenn jokes. “We’re here with THE Chris Gronkowski, the famous Chris Gronkowski.”

Chris, of course, played along, saying “the most famous Gronkowski in the New England area … for today only.”

Chris is rightly a little frustrated at how quotes from the interview were spun in the media about his brother Rob and the recent Patriots’ struggles.

Before Glenn and Chris get into their picks, they dive deep into some of the benefits available to former NFL players who’ve made it to their third year in the NFL. If a player is on an NFL roster for at least three games in three different NFL seasons, it opens up multiple future financial opportunities. It’s these kinds of truly inside-the-NFL conversations that make the Gronkcast so unique.

“It’s a little know fact that if you don’t get at least three games in three full seasons of the NFL, you don’t get any kind of retirement benefit,” Chris said. “You’re leaving the team with absolutely nothing. … If you’re a practice squad guy or only had one year, it’s really not much money.”

With all the controversy surrounding Hall of Fame players requesting extra benefits, it’s important to know what regular players with vested time in the NFL get. Chris, of course, has qualified and goes into detail of not only the health plan, but the financial compensation and the NFL’s retirement plans.

After that, Chris and Glenn discuss their past picks and stumbles over the first couple of weeks of the season. They have not been alone as September is absolutely the most difficult part of the season to get a read on the good teams. There are always surprises and there are definitely always teams that disappoint. Over the last two weeks, underdogs have gone 19-13 against the spread.

Glenn and Chris toss out their bulletproof picks, with Glenn going with the recent trend and picking an underdog. Chris has put the stat work in and goes with a favorite this time to get his bulletproof selections back on track.

They also reveal the secret origin of the “Gronk Spike,” before wrapping the show up with their Capper Cup Picks.


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The Gronkcast – Inside the NFL Episode 8
Article Name
The Gronkcast – Inside the NFL Episode 8
It's time once again for the Gronkcast, as Glenn and Chris Gronkowski chat up last week's action, toss our bets and locks for Week 4 of the NFL season and give you their one-of-a-kind look at what life is really like in the NFL trenches.

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