The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL – Episode 2

Twist endings abound in this week’s episode of the Gronkcast, when brothers Chris and Glenn discuss a range of topics from their family history to their playing days. Who’s the fastest Gronkowski brother? The shortest? The hardest partier? There’s a good chance you won’t successfully guess the answer to any of those questions.

Familial anecdotes aside, there’s plenty of football in this week’s edition, including Chris and Glenn giving a very interesting behind the curtain look at the benefits of signing with a sports agent and, for Chris, who entered the league in the same year as Rob, what helped him make the decision to walk away from football after a four-year pro career.

Chris was originally signed as an undrafted free agent out of Arizona by the Dallas Cowboys. He bumped around the league for the next three seasons, playing for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos before ending his career with the San Diego Chargers.

Glenn’s pro career didn’t last as long, but it also doesn’t have to be over just yet. The youngest of the Gronkowski brothers, Glenn was signed as an UDFA by the Buffalo Bills in 2016 and joined his brother Rob on the New England Patriots. He got cut, but did collect a Super Bowl ring from their come-from-behind victory of the Atlanta Falcons.

You can listen to The Gronkcast Episode 1 here

While Chris has yet to toss out a preseason betting pick, Glenn is currently 2-0 after siding with the Baltimore Ravens over the Los Angeles Rams last week. Before the Gronkcast is over, you’ll get Glenn’s latest pick to assist you in your own preseason NFL wagering. Just because it’s the exhibition season doesn’t mean there’s not money to be made.

Chris tosses in an example from his own playing days on what makes betting on the preseason such a risky proposition.

“I remember playing in the preseason and you had no clue what was going on,” Chris said. “We were whipping them. The second half comes and we put the twos in, and all of the sudden we end up getting blown out. I just keep thinking about these moments. It’s super hard to predict.”

If you think the new “helmet rule” and its interpretation may be a problem this season in the league, you’re not alone. Chris and Glenn already noticed serious implementation problems over the first week of the preseason.

“I was watching the Cleveland game, and I think they called it three times,” Glenn said. “Even the announcers got on there and said that was a perfectly clean hit. I think any time a ref sees a big hit now, they’re going to throw a flag.”

These are criticisms coming from former offensive players, not defenders complaining about potential fines and suspensions. It’s an important perspective.

Gronkowski brothers: College Football Win Total Picks

“It looks like it’s turning into the catch rule of last year, already,” Chris said. “They finally figured that out, they fixed that rule. What’s frustrating is, they know that was something people wanted to see fixed half-way through (last) year and they can’t make that change until next year.”

While the Gronk’s allegiance is with their brother Rob in New England, the family is from Buffalo, N.Y., so that naturally segues into some early analysis on Josh Allen and the rest of the rookie quarterback class of 2018.


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