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Patrick Mahomes Takes Issue With a Study, Kansas City Shock Jock Needs to Go

A recent report from Emory University’s Marketing Analytics Center lists the Kansas City Chiefs as having the second-worst fans in the league. Any person that has been to Arrowhead Stadium is likely to take umbrage with that sentiment, and Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes is having none of it. Mahomes didn’t need to say much to get his point across, with the vast majority of Twitter agreeing with his terse comment. As for the list as a whole, it certainly looks like it needs some fine tuning in terms of its methodology. The “Social Equity” measure in particular seems rather nebulous and likely to give off misleading results. It’s not a good sign when the Miami Dolphins are listed at 14th, when they are the only team in NFL history to have a home playoff game blacked out.

Speaking of Kansas City, one of their radio shock jocks is likely to be off the air by the end of the week. Kevin Kietzman of Sportsradio 810 WHB had some pretty abhorrent remarks with regard to the death of Andy Reid’s son, and he has yet to publicly apologize for them. Kietzman has been rightfully pilloried by other members of the media for his callous words, and Louis Riddick’s comments are spot on.

Joe Theismann does not believe that Dwayne Haskins should start the season as the No. 1 quarterback in Washington. The former Redskins’ quarterback thinks the move would be bad for Haskins’ future, and that the better option would be to have the first-round pick sit for his rookie season. Washington does have a menacing first month of the season with games against Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, the Giants, and New England, but the sit for a full season stereotype we always hear about is widely overblown. My money is on Haskins to be the Week 1 starter.

Written by Jonathan Willis

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