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2018 America’s Got Talent Odds and Recap: Who Made it Through?

It’s the ‘Judge Cuts’ episode of America’s Got Talent which means it’s time to impress the judges before the final cuts and the live show. Tonight only SIX acts get through to the live show. Who made it through? Was the Golden Buzzer used? Read on!

First, let’s evaluate the performances: Feel free to disagree, but remember it’s just my opinion on some of the acts.  We had a big storm in our area and some of the show didn’t record.

Junior New System: So the only difference with the other dance groups and Junior New System is the high heels? Okay, it’s a schtick but let’s see how they do. At first, it looks like most of them got rid of the high heels and are dancing in regular sneakers. They are pretty good but here come three of the guys in high heels. Then the others return wearing the high heels too. Honestly, these guys are good dancers and are fun to watch. Heidi calls them “explosive” and Howie says they “stepped it up.” The rule is that they can only allow 7 of the group acts through to the next round. Special guest Ken Jeong said he’s rooting for them so hard.

Harold and Regan: Simon didn’t seem to like their dance but Mel said, “You stepped up your game.” We didn’t see the entire act, but from what I can see, I wasn’t impressed.

Us the Duo: Sign them immediately! I love their songwriting. They once again performed an original song. I love their sound and they are a cute couple. If they don’t win, I hope someone gives them a recording contract. Simon: “Very good songwriters, but not sure if I like this audition compared to the last one, but I love you guys.” Howie, who wasn’t convinced last time. “I’m not as much a fan of the songwriting.”

Can we just put all of them into the next round? LOL

Mochi : Okay he’s fun and what he does looks cool, but I’m not impressed with this. It’s simply this guy playing this thing it in front of a screen. Fun, but not a million dollar act in my eyes. Simon: “Wow, wow, wow. You made something boring completely fantastic. You are a great showman.” I disagree.

Lily: who makes animal sounds, takes the judges to the jungle. She’s cute, but this isn’t a million dollar act.

Oscar the singing dog: He’s so cute to watch but Mel B gave him an X. OMG. Mel said it was torturing her ears and Simon compares that comment to what the Spice Girls did to everyone. Haha. Oscar is cute, but he doesn’t sound any different than last time. The difference with the dog acts is they need to do something new each week.

Daniel Emmet: The opera singer, in my opinion, hit it out of the park. All I can say is “dang!” Simon: “I think you worked out the song.”

Matt Johnson: The 13-year-old hip-hop artist performing an original song calls himself “Patches.” He’s a pretty good rapper. Howie: “From the first time I saw you it’s unexpected.” Simon: “There are six acts going through today. Trust me, we’ll talk about you.”

Duo Transcend: The two most perfect human specimens, Mary and Tyce are trapeze artists. He is legally blind in one eye which makes this act even scarier. They are just beautiful to watch. You’re awed at their strength and their beauty all while being scared to death that he’ll drop her. I repeat — THAT is a million dollar act! He blindfolds himself! He dropped her! and yet she stands up like nothing happened. They want to try it one more time — wow, that’s amazing! I am literally crying for them because the judges tell them they saw enough to know that they are amazing.

So who got through?

They picked six acts tonight to go through to the live show:

Junior New System
Us the Duo
Duo Transcend — YES!
Christina Wells — her reaction to getting through is priceless.
Aaron Crow

Daniel Emmet didn’t make it through? Unreal. I would’ve put him through instead of Mochi or Aaron Crow.

Was the Golden Buzzer used?

YES! Special guest judge Ken Jeong used his Golden Buzzer on the group act Voices of Hope! Congratulations!




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Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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