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Carlos Condit vs Alex Oliviera | UFC Fight Night 29 Fight Review/Recap by MMA Fighter Hollywood Joe Tussing
Carlos Condit vs Alex Oliviera | UFC Fight Night 29 Fight Review/Recap by MMA Fighter Hollywood Joe Tussing

Carlos Condit vs Alex Oliviera | UFC Fight Night 29 Fight Review/Recap by MMA Fighter Hollywood Joe Tussing

Professional MMA fighter & trainer Hollywood Joe Tussing brings you the Fight Review/Recap  for the main card  fight Carlos Condit vs Alex Oliviera  on the  UFC Fight Night 29  fight card on April 14, 2018.

The third  fight on the UFC Fight Night 29  fight card, was “The Natural Born Killer”  Carlos Condit taking on Alex “Cowboy” Oliviera , in a two round barn burner.  “Cowboy” always comes out throwing leather and throwing hard, but in this fight he took a different approach and tried to grapple with Carlos Condit.  Carlos Condit is always super dangerous on his feet and he is always dangerous off of his back.


First Round:

In this fight the first round started off just crazy awkward as Carlos Condit came out and tried to throw his kick punch combo, but Oliviera caught the kick and pushed it back and they rolled to the ground with Oliviera finding himself on top.  Then it swept to Carlos Condit on top and they basically went back and forth, but with not too much damage by either fighter in the first round.

Second Round:

In the second round we saw more back and forth grappling and Oliviera was able to catch Condit with just a devastating elbow behind his ear, while Condit was going for a takedown against the side of the cage.  Condit kept going for the takedown and actually ended up getting Oliviera down, but just starting bleeding all over him.  He did drop a devastating elbow onto Oliviera’s face which I think broke his nose and possibly his orbital and Oliviera’s face looked just horrible after the fight.  As Oliviera tried to get back to his feet he pushed Carlos Condit up and Condit tried to come back in, but Oliviera threw three upkicks with the third catching Condit straight across the jaw, and Condit fell into an awkward position.  The two fighters rolled and Condit tried to get back to his feet, but Oliviera was a little faster and caught him with the front choke, a very deep guillotine and he pushed him over against the cage, where they went to the ground.  It looked like Carlos Condit was going to be able to survive as he had his arm in, but Oliviera torked it even farther, and got his hand deeper and Carlos Condit was forced to tap.


This was just an outstanding fight from Alex Oliviera.  I did not expect him to take that approach.  I thought he would try to bang it out but it looked like the grappling was the right way to go.  Oliviera got the second round guillotine front choke submission and Carlos Condit after a long layoff comes back with not a disappointing performance, but with a very awkward weird fight between these two.  There was a lot of scrambling and we also didn’t get to see much of what Carlos Condit has been working on since he’s been gone.  This was though, a great fight between both guys.


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