MLB News: Aroldis Chapman Signs Hilarious Anti-Astros Poster

The New York Yankees Closer signed a fans sign that is sure to bring a laugh.


The Houston Astros cheating scandal has certainly come to haunt them in the 2020 season. Just a few weeks into Spring Training and the players have heard and seen everything possible from fans and even other players. Aroldis Chapman added to the laughter this week when he took the time to autograph a fan’s sign.

The fan had a simple trashcan sign with the Houston Astros logo on it…sort of. It actually said Houston Trashtros and featured a trashcan on the logo as well. By the looks of it, Chapman was more than happy to sign the hilarious sign.

And rightfully so, considering what the Trashtros did to Chapman in 2019. The Astros’ Jose Altuve walked it off against Chapman in the American League Championship Series to send Houston to the World Series.

So as you can imagine, there’s a reason for Chapman to dislike the team. There’s plenty more of this sort of teasing on the horizon!

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Written by Brook Smith

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