MLB News: Astros’ George Springer Hears Boos, Makes a Fool of Himself

The Astros’ star outfielder did not respond well to being booed today.


The Astros and their tour of hatred continue, as they visited the Mets Spring Training facility today. George Springer, in his first at-bat of the game, did not receive a warm welcome. He was showered with boos, and in turn, tried his best to hit the next pitch out of Florida. It did not go well.

The chorus of angry fans comes just two days after Jose Altuve was beaned by a pitch. This, of course, all comes after the Astros were exposed for cheating the last couple of years. That cheating was included in their 2017 World Series victory, which is now obviously tainted.

Major League Baseball is also facing several lawsuits as a result of the scandal. One of the lawsuits has been claimed by fantasy sports players who claim that they lost money as a result of the Astros’ cheating. And to be quite honest, they probably have a case to be made. Houston also has pending lawsuits from season ticket holders, who claim they were cheated out of their money.

One way or another, fans are going to make it a very difficult year for the Houston Astros.

Written by Brook Smith


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