Chris Gronkowski Joins “Toucher & Rich” to Discuss Life Growing Up, Rob’s Future

Get More Sports partner Chris Gronkowski, a four-year NFL fullback who was named to Pro Football Focus’ All-Rookie Team in 2010, made a guest appearance on Toucher and Rich, which is a featured show on the Patriots’ flagship radio station – 98.5 The Sports Hub,  Tuesday. The popular Boston radio hosts interviewed Chris — the middle of the five Gronkowski brothers — about a number of things, including the family’s life growing up, how their mom fed the boys as well as Rob’s health and future.

You can listen to the interview here.

American Gladiators 2.0

The hosts asked Chris about all the rough-housing that must have occurred in the Gronk household, which housed five future elite athletes, including four who have played in the NFL. Chris provided several hilarious stories.

The boys were big fans of the show American Gladiators, and they sought to recreate the setup in their own home.

“We’d run through the stations and just blast each other,” Chris recalled. “We had the American Gladiators in our basement…we’d check each other into the boards and split some chins open. That was mayhem.”

On one Christmas Eve in particular, Rob hit Chris, who fell on baby Glenn, who was a 1-year-old at the time. Glenn, who played fullback for the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots, split his chin open.

“We had the camera out, so we were all gong for big hits,” Chris said.

Zoom, Zoom

The Gronks also created a game called Zoom, in which the brothers would hold a pillow to their chest, run full speed at each other, and “just blast the guy as hard as you could,” Chris explained.

The game would usually end with an all-out brawl. The brothers fought often, but there were two rules: no hitting of the face, and no hitting of the testicles.


Because of all the rough-housing, the family kept very little furniture in the house. The pieces would inevitably get ruined.

Mammoth Grocery Bill

One has to wonder: How did Mama Gronk feed all those rabid boys? Chris explained his mother would spend well over $500 a week on groceries.

“She was buying 6-8 gallons of milk every time she went shopping,” he said.

He also explained that they rarely ate out — with the exception of 1-2 trips to Denny’s per year — because it was so hard to keep the boys under control.

Rob’s Future

Rob got off to a great start Sunday as he hauled in seven passes for 123 yards and a touchdown. That wasn’t a surprise to Chris.

“He’s doing these new workouts, band workouts, and he’s feeling the best he’s ever felt,” Chris said.

Though some speculated Rob might retire this summer, Chris knew that wasn’t in the cards simply because Rob’s “main concern is his health” and he’s feeling great. Tom Brady has had a clear influence on Rob’s training and nutrition.

“(Rob) is actually super into his health now and taking care of himself and trying to make his career last as long as possible,” Chris shared.

Chris also said he expects Rob will be a “Patriot for life.”

Listen to the fascinating full interview here.


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